NYSTHI Polyrec64 Question

Sorry for the basic question, but knowing the answer would be very helpful. I want to record VCV using Nysthi Polyrec64 and then bring the audio files into my DAW for editing. How can I send one trigger to start recording, and then one trigger to stop recording so that recording starts exactly when the clock starts, and then cuts off exactly after a specified length? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and hopefully reply : )

That’s a great module, my go-to for this sort of thing. You could use Clocked by Impromptu and use one of the clock divisions to trigger the start and stop buttons. I make loops from VCV a lot and I’ve found the easiest way for me is to make the edits in Logic Pro after I’m done recording in VCV.

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Thanks for the tip. I also use Logic Pro. I was hoping to avoid having to edit each audio clip in Logic.

I’d use “EXPIRED TIME” with 2 timers

one for the IN (start rec) and the other one for the stop

if you want to sync with events and time of the day, I’d use “TIMEX” :smiley:


Are you making loops? If so, you can match your Logic project tempo to whatever the tempo of the loops you’re recording are at in VCV. Then you can slice them on the grid in Logic. Then you can add them to your Apple loops library, they’ll retain the BPM info from the project plus any key or attributes you add to it in the Apple loops menu. The user loops folder is hard to find on your system, but you can then convert those Apple loops to .wav from .aif if you’d like. It can get tedious if you have a lot to edit, but I like the results.

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thanks for the tip again. I have not used user loops in Logic but that seems like a good way to work.

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