NYSTHI new version v0.6.42

(jue) #41

For me it would be nice to have the possibility to switch the cycling graphics off at your echoes, thank you

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(Antonio Tuzzi) #43

please post feature requests on my github

(Antonio Tuzzi) #44

version 0.6.42


---- add pass thru outputs to insert it in a chain


---- add pass thru outputs to insert it in a chain


---- exposed the inner LowPass filter: cutoff freq goes from 500Hz to 8kHz (added IN CV too)
---- boosted volume for summed nodes
---- add an all gray disk for people don’t want running disks (check in
YOURRACKINSTALL/plugins/nysthi/res/shapes/ and substitute the JIRAJIRADISK.svg)


---- change the input field, from DRAG displays to EDIT, WRITE and SET displays
---- now 0 VOLTS-IN will always correspond to a 0.0 VOLTS-OUT (added an auto offset when changing scale)
---- removed a possible crash cause (a connected input at 0 volts can crash it on restart)
---- add correct refresh of the panel and internal if the scale is changed on the fly


---- solved a case of a non-initialized timer

(trbl.w//.dr3ams:) #45

Is it possible to import multiple .scl files at once in Scala Quantizer ?

(Antonio Tuzzi) #46

to have them all available ?
Just put the ones you need in the destination dir for .scl files (you can put a directory too IIRC)

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(trbl.w//.dr3ams:) #47

When I click on “add new .scl file” it only lets me select one at a time

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #48

outside of rack, copy/move them into the directory the other .scl live in

(trbl.w//.dr3ams:) #49

aahhh ok I found it; on mac os it’s under ~/Documents/Rack/plugins/NYSTHI/res/microtuning/scala_scales :slight_smile: thank you!!

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(Audhentik) #50

absolutly! last week i’ve tried to make a patch only wiht NYSTHI modules…the result wasn’t very good but it was a good way to check out some modules i didn’t use before. Amazing stuff in there!

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(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #51

The trick is to start using the ones you recognize first (LFO, chorus, phase, Deep Note :wink: etc) first, and then slowly incorporate more intense modules.

Or start with things like the Phasor VCO, and add in other stuff you already know…


The problem with a lot of Nysthi stuff is that it’s hard to put it in context. Looking at the list of modules some of them are fairly clear but in a lot of cases I just have no idea what something is for. It’s the same problem I had with mid/side chains until I actually read something about them.

(Antonio Tuzzi) #54

but you can ask me !
ready to help you !

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(TroubledMind) #55

I really love the nysthi modules I use but there are so many that I have no idea what they do. It’s great though, slowly you discover another gem. It’s a shame they are not fully documented because I feel there is untold power in the whole set

@synthi is there a module list somewhere with a couple of sentences explaining what they all do?

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(Antonio Tuzzi) #56

you should read the changelog.txt

everything is in there

  • @Patman is the owner of the new documentation github repo NYSTHI related

where you can find also a changelog PARSED

(TroubledMind) #57

Oh nice, thanks. I thought I had checked the changelog before but that looks really useful.

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #58

I just updated the manual page, I’d apparently neglected to upload the parsed 0.6.42 changelog like, 4 months ago…

(Antonio Tuzzi) #59

PRE RELEASE alpha 2 only MAC