Nysthi MonoRecorder does not save in custom location

Good morning

Has anyone experienced issues with Nysthi’s MonoRecorder not saving in the PRE CHOOSE location? The files do save, but in the rack folder where the libraries are saved, which is not ideal.

I am on a Windows 10 machine.

EDIT: I have exactly the same problem with NYSTHI’s Multitrack Recorder.

Could it be this ?

you will also encounter the 260 character path length limit when you want to dig to locate the deeper folder.

Or can you also not save to “desktop” ?

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please use the polyrecorder that’s a superset of all the other recorders (yes, you can record one track on the polyrecorder)

Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, it did not help.

As suggested by synthi, using the PolyRecorder works fine.

Does anyone know if there is an option to turn off the stop functionality of the start button?


not currently but from next version 1.0.17 yes


  • add a contextual menu to use the START button only as START button
    (not as toggle)

Hello, how does one record only one track on the poly recorder? Thanks!

connect a cable mono to the only entry point…