NYSTHI Confusing simpler: trig start only if the wave.file is off

But what I want to do it’s that the file play totally and when it is stoped a probability trig can run it

I finally manage doing like in the screenshot… But it is not clean work.
thanks for the interest Antonio.

still don’t understand what you want

if you want to play fully, set to trig mode (gated off) and one shot mode (loop iff)

Finally it’s not working, sorry if I have difficulty to explain… My trig to start is aleatory so it can happen on every moment , and I would like than the aleatory trig happen only if the wave.file is not playing…
Maybe I don’t understand what you are suggesting me… sorry for the lost of time and have a nice day.

I think it’s something like this:
Trigger-> play wavefile,
while playing wavefile ignore all triggers
When finished playing wavefile wait for next trigger.

You understood exactly what I want but is it possible?

Easy Peasy, you need to use an envelope follower to detect when the Confusing sampler is silent.

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perfect thanks a lot

I’d suggest using the Oneshot mode of NYSTHI::Bivio, and connect the Confusing Simpler’s EOC Trig OUT to the Bivio Reset Trig IN.

Just patch your clock to both the Signal/CV IN, and the TAP Trig IN.


perfect suggestion @Patman !

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So, what is Bivio for? I only ask because I just had a go with it and it’s really not clear to me. I get that the trigger changes between the two outs based on the probabilities value but what does it take in?

Think of it like a bastard child of a Mutable::Bernoulli Gate and a noobhour::baseliner maybe?

It splits 1 Audio Rate, CV, Trig, or Gate source to 2 destinations based on probs (or chooses between 2 sources for 1 dest with OIVIB), but it also uses a separate trigger input to clock it.


anyway, after your request, I’ll add a “BUSY” condition to the players/samplers

if the BUSY is ON and the PLAYER is PLAYNG, every TRIG to START/RESTART will be unconsidered

(same as BUSY in complexDAHD )

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As usual, you’re a killer Antonio, “busy” condition is a really nice add. Thanks ! …and now what about a “Tuzzi” condition :crazy_face: ?

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are you referring to the “2z” condition ? :rofl:

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That makes sense, I tried to do something with EOC and that wasn’t working…

in v1 SIMPLICITER supports the BUSY flag ( via contextual menu)
(BUSY means: a PULSE to START is executed if PLAYING is in STOP mode)

I already loved the confusing simpler, but this is just perfect!

Hey @synthi, I got an idea for SIMPLICITER:

Replace start and end point with position and length, this way you could modulate the position of a loop and make it work as granular sampler/scanner without loosing any other functionality.
(of course this could also be achieved by modulating start and end at the same time with an offset for the end - edit: doesn’t seem to work very well, crackles a lot - nevermind, I can use Padshop for this kind of granular sampling)

Another idea:
Allow end position to be in front of start position, reversing the play direction if they are switched. (Or allow negative length, if you like the first idea :slight_smile: )

Another idea:
Maybe pingpong loop?

Just ideas, I also like it very much the way it is and am not really sure if these could really make it better.