NYSTHI Complex Simpler loading last file

The Complex Simpler is great and I have used it in multiple patches, but when I open one of them, it loads whichever wav file it most recently played, rather than the last file played for that specific patch. Is there a way to save samples so they load automatically when I pull up a saved patch?

It is very difficult to use all this mythical samplers in a normal way, asked to change it but there is no interest to do it! You have to know the following: When you take one of this samplers, there is a complicated number created that should identify exactly this and only this module. Then there is a cache folder created within the normal nysthi folder. When you select a sample to load in the sampler this wave file is copied to the cache folder with a new name including the former generated sampler number. When you save your rack there is stated that this file is to load, but the name of the original file is written for to read when you load again. All sampler files are written in one cache folder With all this in mind there are a lot of problems rising. You have to take every sampler new from the library to get the new number generated Every change of a sample results in a mismatch of showed sample name and played sample. Every copy, module or the whole file while using new samples results in new mismatches. They are more to see as onetime samplers Beside all this annoying behavior is that every nysthi update deletes the cache file again and again and everything gets lost For me they are nice but unusable!


The only little chance to restore some racks is to open the rack file with a text editor and read the original wav names and reload them to the corresponding module. But again when you only have copied a file or sampler everything is lost.

Had some discussions about this all with the author, but he told me that he is not interested to change anything!

Did you copy and paste the module into existence or use the module browser?

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Each time from the module browser if you want to get it to work one time!

Thanks for the detailed reply, @jue! I found a work around for my needs by using Voxglitch’s Wav Bank for several of the patches. It’s dial to select a wav file from a target folder loads in the last saved position for each patch, so the sounds are loading like I want. Thanks again for the insight!

The Lomas sampler is my first go!

Does the Simpliciter have the same problem?

yup, but its not a bug its a feature…

you copied and pasted the simpliciter, I can’t stop the copy and paste action (if you notice the duplicate is disabled from contextual menu)

you MUST create a new one every time: it’s mandatory

if you want a sampler using your files just STICK to the “MUSICAL BOX” 1 or 2 they will use your original files

simpliciter is obliged to create a copy because is a recorder too, without asking destinations

@jue NICE to be insulted

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btw I decided there will be no nysthi release for 2.0

Hi Antonio, I’m using the test if (APP->engine->getModule(id) != NULL) in dataFromJson() to check if a module has been duplicated. Maybe this helps.

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Aaaargh! Together with Covid-19, this is the worst thing I could expect from this infamous year :pleading_face:


For 2.0 of VCV? Could you elaborate?

Is this final? That would be a disaster…


Are you done? I think you have a lot more fans than haters!


There are tons of us who actually appreciate what you do.


What JW said! There are a huge number of Nysthi fans.

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please no. what could change your mind?

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Nysthi is like black matter in the universe: No one really understand how it works, all we know is that the universe fall appart if you take it out. Come on @synthi, some wierd kids are actually writing the music of Tomorrow with your creations!


I’d pay for nysthi V2 and I’m sure I’m not alone.