Number of Rack outports/inports on linux/jack

Rack 1.1.6

When i select Audio Driver “Jack” and System Device “(System 1-2 in, System 1-2 Out)” in the Audio-8 module, Rack creates four ports in jackd2 - (inport 0, inport 1, ouport 0, outport 1) - fair enough.

How do I configure more inputs and outputs to/from Rack in linux ?

This works for me using Carla, not sure if you use Carla?

When I open Rack on its own and patch it in Carla, I get the same as you - 2 ins, 2 outs.

BUT, if I open Carla first and then click “Add Jack Application”, I get a little dialog box where I can set the number of ins and outs for both Audio and Midi.

You might need to enable Jack Applications in Carla, under Settings > Configure Carla > Experimental.

it looks like the skjack modules might be a bit more flexible than audio8 in case you are only using jack - maybe play around with them a bit …

I couldn’t get Carla working - I got the error “Cannot add new plugins while the engine is stopped”, and could not figure out why.

SKJack modules did the trick.

Problem solved.

you can select in the jack driver the number of your audio card outputs and you can select the number of other software inputs too

I would not recommend skjack since it is not a module that we can be sure will continue to be available in the upcoming version of vcv rack, the best approach to connect (at least in my workflow) is have first the number of inputs where you want connect the rack , I usually connect the rack to renoise and mixing on it, I configure my renoise to have 8 inputs then I select this option in the audio 8 module, but can use carla, calf , ardour or whatever software you like, and of course the numbers of inputs can be modified in the fly, just you need select the right number of outputs in the vcv rack every time

alternatively I use Claudia as Ladish , it remain the jack connections, I usually have some different studios saved with different configurations (rack_solo, rack-renoise, , renoise_solo, and so on)