Number of inputs/outputs in Linux

I’m using Rack with Jack/Linux (Ubuntu).

For my Audio module, I pick “Jack” as the driver.
For the device, I’ve got system 1-2in, 1-2 out, but I used to have system 1-8 in, 1-8 out.

Not sure what I changed, but does anyone know what I’ve done and how I can get all 8 inputs/outputs live again? I can add 3 more Audio modules, but that seems messy visually lol.

you must configure the Jack server to use the hardware that have the 8 I/O, and simply select from the list.

if you want to use more outputs or input that your hardware have and you if you are using the Core Audio, or RCM Audio 16 you must use a external software as “dummie” (ardour, renoise, nonmixer etc) and configure it with the number of I/O that you desire and connect the audio module to them (jack as driver)

perhaps you had been used other software as I explained before?

if you are using SKjack just add the enought SKjack modules to have the numbers of I/O that you want

I hope it answer your question

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Thanks David, I wasn’t using SKjack, but it looks like it’s the answer to my question - many thanks!