Nozoid: Very interesting, but my computer can't handle them

The Nozoid modules are very interesting. For the few seconds I can experience them without the sound completely breaking up, they sound very useful for my experimental wanderings. But my poor CPU cannot handle them. I submitted an issue on the dev’s GitHub. I’m hoping he is willing to take a look at decreasing their resource requirements.

Interestingly, with the CPU meter on, they appear to be using very little CPU. but at 96k, something on my system dies in the process.

Rack 1.1.6, Windows 10 1903, i7-3770, PreSonus AdioBox iOne, ASIO, AMD FirePro V3900

try them at 44.1khz, they should work there too.

Really? I have noticed that even though there is a warning that they need 96k they do still work although I haven’t checked tuning or anything yet. I noticed there are a few that require 48k as well, such as the delay and gran modules. It’s a real shame that they have a sample rate ‘requirement’, surely it should be possible for the modules to process at that rate internally and downsample to whatever is used.

They seem to work ok for me at 96k and I have a similar CPU but running linux.

At 44.1, the Nozoid VCOs are detuned proportionally.

can’t this be adjusted by a scaler/tuner …

I’d rather not have to kluge it.

a short patch:

a month ago I did a little test. If you are interested:

Here’s the official response from Cyrille Henry. I guess I will continue to experiment with them at lower sample rates.

Thanks for your interest in my modules, I’m sorry to hear that they are to processor-intensive. They have been developed and optimized on ARM processor running at 80Mhz for high performance and very low latency.

I port them to VCV Rack because it was easy and would allow people to test them before buying the hardware. Optimizing them for VCV Rack would need a complete rewrite of all modules. For multiples reasons (time, money etc), I have no plan to do this. You can still use them at lower frequency : they will work even if few things will not be tuned like the originals.