Novation Launch Control to control VCV

Hi all, thanks for having me.

I want to start using a Novation Launch Control to wiggle in VCV. I tried connecting the Launch Control via USB cable but it doesn’t show up as a device in VCV. My understanding is that the Launch Control sends MIDI over USB, am I missing something?

Works for me in Windows. (And no reason to expect it wouldn’t work on macOs too.) Have you tested it in any other application than VCV Rack?

Yah it works fine in Ableton Live.

When I plug in the Launch Control it goes through the demo/light show until I start Ableton.

Do you have a DAW running while you use VCV with Launch Control?

No, I haven’t tried it that way. I don’t think at least Windows even allows using the same MIDI device in multiple applications at the same time.

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Yep that’s my understanding also.

Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

No, that is not correct. The default MIDI driver shipped with Windows does not support that, but there is some hardware with multi-client drivers.

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Yeah OK, it looks like Launch Control actually does work at the same time in Ableton Live and VCV Rack, so I am not sure what problem the original poster is having. (I did disable using the Launch Control as a dedicated control surface for Live, though, and just tested it for generic remote control there.)

Tried the Launch Control again this morning and it’s working. I’m putting my issue down to a glitch in the matrix.