Not to create Music... But

I know, this Masterpiece (VCV) is intended to create Sounds. But - what if Some of us do expand it to emulate Electronic e.g. Arduino, Logic iCs, PLCs etc. etc.?

If Someone feels addressed - i already started a Project called Logical.

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I think this is a great idea, but VCV Rack in its current state may not be the best environment for these sorts of experiments. But at the same time it wouldn’t hurt to try now, would it? What if you forked VCV Rack and made necessary changes to it to better suit the purpose of a “virtual electronics sandbox”? a VES Rack if you will.

Also, do you have any links to this project of yours or is it in too early of a stage of development to share with the world?

Experiments like these are fun, but what needs to change about Rack to make these it more suitable?

I think Rack in its current state is too high-level to allow for stuff like the OP described to be done efficiently. Everything has to be a module in Rack - the module is the lowest-level building block we have. So if I want to add, for example, a light bulb to be controlled by an Arduino - it has to be a module, of this standard height and the minimum width. One light bulb may not be a problem, but as the digital hardware experiments grow (and they will), it will become more and more unmanageable.

As an option, there could be a module that is a container for smaller things that could be moved around and wired within that module, and then connected to an outside wire hook-ups, kind of like a breadboard module, with choosable pieces, so a breadboard Rack, if you will (bdbd Rack?), within the VCV Rack.

Why is a 3U light bulb bad?


Depends. Is that switch- or server-depth? :sunglasses:

For experimental purposes

Not the final version… but to know my intention

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Do you have windows versions?

3U as in 3 units wide? well, how do I make a vertical stack of them? how do I arrange them in an array to display some sort of a simple graphic?

Also, to me it seems that a lot of fun of using Arduinos and the like is making things move, so this may also be implemented in a system-within-a-system fashion.

U is a height measurement, and all panels are 3U high. HP is width.

no - it is an OSx

it is just intended as stimulation for a parallel project eg. “VES” Virtual Electronic System. A brother/sister of VCV.

so my point is still valid - there is very limited flexibility to what can be done with modules alone, unless the modules have options within them.

imagine, being able to simulate automation systems like plc, or programmable micro controller like Arduino etc.

Infinite possibilities. Just the creativity would set limits.

consider it as a test before buying and save a lot of money

No, I agree with you 100% on the usefulness of this sort of a tool, and if you have the ability to create it then go ahead, it’s just that Rack will need to be modified significantly to make this work, or your modules have to be extremely versatile.

i will try my best.
Apart from the rack itself, how do you find the modules?

maybe 19 inches vertically Rack - Like Props Reason©®