Noob trying to use the default patch


I started the program, had the default patch right,

so I started using the keyboard (even when clicking on the background of the app, in case of app control focus issue), no audio, the scope window not even displaying any wave

so I plugged my beatstep pro (I checked the midi input with midi-ox, it feeds) ,same issue

btw I have set the audio output to asio, wich works with ableton live

no sound at all

any help appreciated



Did you happen to have some other ASIO using application like Live, open at the same time? That does not necessarily work with ASIO drivers.

Can you post a screenshot of the audio / midi device

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nop apparently it’s not an audio issue, it’s like the sound is not generated at all

like in pure-data when the DSP check box is not on (sound engine not running)

tested in notepad, the kbd is working,yet no sound is generated in vcv

There are no devices selected. Where it says “(No device)” you have to select the device!

damned… ok so I see the midi in yet I tried many output devices, I cant get any wave to be generated

ok it works after tweaking the knobs


aye, the Attack knob on ADSR was up all the way also.