Nohmad: Strange Attractors

Look what I found… :sunglasses: Nohmad Strange Attractors. I was looking for similar module a while back, Jerkster Chaos. This is basically that. Instant whale sounds. :slight_smile: Just starting to investigate this. muhahaha


i’ve been a big fan as well. i’ve made some changes, and i really should get around to release it.

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I’d like to know more about the changes Ben. :slight_smile:

i’ve changed the “pitch” (which is frequency) to have a range that goes much lower, since i like using it as a slow lfo. i am thinking of adding a switch to have both seriously slow lfo range and audio range. personally i am only really interested in the former, so i may just shift the whole range to lower frequency and not let it get up into audio range at all.

i’ve also added a z output, since the mathematical formulas used have x, y, and z (a.k.a. 3d) results. i’ve used that (using original faceplate) for example in my track naïades for vcp-22:

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Hi Ben,
Yes I agree a lower adjustment would be good. Even in my example I had them both turned all the way down. I would encourage you to add the switch, as it does have an interesting tone in audio range. This module is proving to be very fun! Thanks!

@ablaut I noticed on the Lorenz side of the module if you turn the top left knob full ccw it will crash and the output stops. Clicking initialize sometimes restarts it, sometimes you have to deleat and reload the module. The Rossler side is unaffected. I can put this on a github if you want.

i just tested it and i get the same problem. i’ll try limiting the range of that parameter and see if that will prevent it from freezing.

i made a note of it. there’s no use (for me) to mention this on github until i make a repo for it. which i really should.


There is a modded version available from:

Anyone know who did this build?

i did

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Thanks for the confirmation; from reading the thread I thought as much.

Would like to see this on github as I’ve been playing with this one myself.

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