No visuals/window on RACK2 2.0.2 Windows 10

I have already reached out to the VCV support team but it might be interesting for other users. Until today I had no problems with running RACK2. Whenever I try to start RACK2, it will not show any visual or window, yet play audio correctly. In debug mode the visuals work as normal. Even after some troubleshooting (restart, reinstall, checking files and registry), the problem persists.

In Documents\Rack2\settings.json, do you have a section like this?:

  "windowMaximized": false,
  "windowSize": [
  "windowPos": [

If so, and the numbers don’t look sensible (like, they’re negative or huge) then kill any Rack processes and remove that section. Or just rename the file, and Rack will recreate it with its default settings.

Upgrading Rack might also fix it - there was a fix put in after 2.0.2 that relates to this.


Wow that was quick and it worked too. I should have perhaps checked whether Rack was up to date oops. I seldom use my Documents folder and the settings in the Program Files folder where fine. But indeed, the Documents settings showed a windowPos of -32000.0, clearly problematic.