no News of the Rack this week

there isn’t much to report this week, so no News of the Rack # 11


May I submit Entrian Sequencers released: Timeline, Melody, and Drummer for the next issue, please?

absolutely, I am so sorry, that yours is nearly the only news this week

That’s pretty big news for Rack. :wink:


No problem at all!

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I would like to submit Vocode_O_Matic_XL. This is a new vocoder by Sculpt_O_Sound. It adds sliders to the vocoder which allow you to set the panning of the signal, the level of the modulation, and the attack and release time of the envelope followers for each of the 31 bands. There are 2 vocoders now. The ‘plain’ version for those people who want to quickly get something going, and the ‘XL’ version for people who really like to tinker around with the sound.