No audio device on MAC

I can’t see any audio device in VCV. macOS 11.6

When you go to Audio-MIDI-setup in macOS what audio interfaces are listed? Screendump please…

I don’t speak that language so hard to read. But it looks like that speaker icon has two outputs and I’m guessing it’s the inbuilt audio interface in the MacBook Pro. It also has an exclamation mark on it so might have an issue, don’t know, try clicking on it. Does other software on the machine output sound just fine?

I’m guessing the issue could be that the audio module is having an issue with character set used in that language and is therefore not reporting the MacBook Pro’s built in speakers as an available device.

I would send both the grabs you have posted in this thread to

ableton works as it supposed

Maybe it’s this ?

it works with aggregate device, thanks. Also you can see empty slots there, so basically the VCV doesn’t recognize russian language


I have emailed about this. Expect to see a fix in an upcoming release.

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