Nnbveh's techno loops and more

Hi, i’ve braved myself to create a thread where i’ll share my sketches…short 1-minute ‘renderings’ or maybe even attempts at recording something live…any feedback welcome.

here’s the first one:


I think you got a great idea with this 1-minute format, with so many creations around I get rarely engaged by longer videos, and maybe I’m not the only one with a short attention span.

Strong groove, good timbres, a relatively small patch… :+1:

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Thanks, yes, i barely stay for the whole ‘movie’ myself, just as i barely return to any of the patches i’ve made frankly…attention? What’s that? :wink:

Another one, just because it’s an ‘opening day’. Woke up half past four in the morning for no reason, so had to do something…

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Just learning how to make straight beats, not easy in Rack where there’s so many choices to make it all weird…


not such a good attempt at a live take)) all made with VCV of course…

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Very good one !

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