Nightfall - new EP out tomorrow

Hi all. :slight_smile:

I’m putting out a new Rack heavy release tomorrow, but I’ll drop the first tune today.

These are not patches, more like one patch per sound, and tons of sounds (plus some real synths, of course). I don’t do one genre, so you’ll get lots of different things.


Very enjoyable piece, @Espen. A nice older-school (my age) feel . Curious about the electric guitar solo. Which plugin did you use? Sounds almost live.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

Alesis Andromeda through a Sweet Cream pedal. The legato version of the sound. No plugin apart from chorus and compressor.

I made a Serum version of that sound too, which is damn near identical, but the Andromeda has some wonky things about it.

Ultra Pure Dream Syntwave :star_struck:. Merci REKT Espen :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::blush:

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Lovely :heart_eyes:

A homage to… Nik Kershaw (wouldn’t it be good) and a deceased mouse?


Sweet sweet Italo-disco vibes… great track Espen! :man_dancing:


Kinda inevitable at this point, but I’ve been hooked on the last album from The Midnight for a while now. :smiley:


Congrats, nice!

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We are live! New release is out now!

There is quite a lot more modular than you might think, although this approach is vastly different from what most people do with Rack. I’m also playing real synths and using every tool available, as always.

If you are able, I’d appreciate any support very much, it’ll literally allow me to afford food, in this age without any concerts to play. Today, on this Friday, Bandcamp are not taking their share, which supports musicians more due to the Covid reality we all deal with. I have to be honest, I’m rationing rice and beans, and it feels bad to ask, but hey… that’s the new world.

Most importantly, listen and enjoy, and please share. Appreciate you all very much. Thank you.

Looking forward to doing more videos very soon, there will definitely be a lot of Rack involved. :slight_smile:

Happy weekend!


Bought! Good luck in these hard times Espen, nice to see that music is flowing even though the dollars are scarcer.


You’re a life saver. Thank you. :smiley:


Really nice, congrats. Makes me feel nostalgic.

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Glad to hear, thank you. :slight_smile: