News of the Rack week 28/2020

Hello everyone in Rackland, there was a lot to report this time, enjoy and take care. :metal: :mask:


Thanks as always!

Just one correction: The original Macro Polyoscillator 2 from Xenakios didn’t violate any license of Mutable Instruments. On the contrary, in addition to being license compliant, permission was also obtained directly from Émilie Gillet. The only thing it violated was Vortico’s (at the time as-of-yet unwritten) desire to keep the Library free from modules that are too similar in name and appearance. Of course, it’s all the better for it now!

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Thanks for the mention!

A correction : there is a binary build available for Mac Os of the Atelier plugin beta, but the binary is not (fully) compatible with the latest Mac Os version (Catalina). I can’t fix that on my end. Hopefully the plugin can soon appear in the VCV Library, that will then do the compatible binary builds for all the platforms.

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sorry, I thought the adding of the aditional knobs to the original gui was the problem, I will correct it in the next issue

Oh man, so many new additions… Thanks for the overview Norbert!


Thank you so much @the1andonlydrno for yet another excellent roundup.

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Always very useful, thanks!

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Great editorial, Norbert :slightly_smiling_face:

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