News of the Rack week 24/2020

Hello everyone in Rackland, News-of-the-Rack-Time. Take care :metal: :mask:


I can’t figure out if I’m going a bit mad, wasn’t the Mindmeld Bassmaster announced here, on the official forum? Because I’ve been trying to find the post so I can ask how to make it work (the Mindmeld manual has not been updated) and it isn’t coming up in searches.

Btw, keep up the good work.

Merci Norbert :slight_smile:

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maybe you are looking for this

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maybe, but I’m sure I saw it mentioned here. Thanks anyway.

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The main idea is that it takes a stereo signal and splits it in two bands at the crossover knob (low and high). Then, on each band you can control the stereo width separately (and gain). Then after width and gain, the signals gets combined and are sent to the output jacks. Solo buttons can be used to listen to only one band at a time, and the bypass will skip the width and gain stages.

A typical usage for just a simple bass mono effect would be, starting from the initial state in BassMasterJr for example, to choose a low cutoff (say 100 or 200 Hz), then turn the low width knob to 0%, thus making your bass mono.

Hope that helps!


Okay, this is useful, I’m experimenting with it now. Would it normally be the final thing in your signal chain?

It depends on how you see this effect, but usually yes, you put one after the main output of the mixer.

In some cases you may want to apply the effect on a track only, as opposed to the entire mix, so then you add them to the signals before they go into the mixer.