News of the Rack Week 10-11

Hello everyone in Rackland, not much to report this week again, but anyway, here are the news. :metal::sunglasses:

newsoftherack101119deutsch.pdf (1.7 MB)
newsoftherack101119english.pdf (1.7 MB)


Thanks Norbert! This is some great work! Iā€™m now a subscriber.

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thanks so much for doing this! it is a great service to the community.

and if i may put on my english teacher hat, and because i know you care,
the news is an uncountable noun (like water), so it is always treated as singular.

here is the news

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I also thought so, but if Iā€™m not sure, I ask google translate and there goes the plural, but now that I know this is wrong, I take it in account for further issues, thanks :metal::sunglasses:

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