News of the Rack Week 02

Hello everyone in Rack Land,

Many thanks to everyone who participated in my survey on the future format of the News of the Rack. The result did not surprise me, the weekly newspaper edition will therefore, as desired, pass it on. But there will still be videos, and at the beginning of each month I will always summarize the last month. I think that is a good solution, which also accommodates my ever-striking vocal cords. But most of all I was glad that no one ticked the option “I do not need”. Ok, with the thousands who have not said so, there are certainly many who do not need the News of the Rack, but if you statistically extrapolate the result, then the ratio stays the same. I love statistics :laughing:
newsoftherack0219deutsch.pdf (1.3 MB)
newsoftherack0219english.pdf (1.3 MB)