News of the Rack #9 - Week 34/2019

Hello everyone in Rackland, maybe it was fate that a Windows update prevented me from publishing the News of the Rack on time. That’s why the new issue comes on exactly the same day as the first issue was published last year. Yes, it’s News of the Rack’s birthday today. To celebrate the day I have now released the first video of the new season of “What does this knob do?” In the meantime, however, I have received some feedback that the language would override. Interestingly, everything sounds fine to me, but I will of course rework everything again. As a famous scientist from transsexual Transylvania said, “it’s not easy having a good time!” :metal::sunglasses:

newsoftherack#9deutsch.pdf (718.0 KB) newsoftherack#9english.pdf (667.2 KB)


Thanks and Time Warp :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for having included Chatstronautes ! This is so nice of you :heart:. And amazing work as always :smile:

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@the1andonlydrno I may have been too late for this issue, but on the chance that you missed me, I released a tutorial on YouTube August 25, “TouchOSC - VCV Rack Tutorial”

Thanks for all you do. I read every issue.

aaargh, I thought I had it mentioned, but it was only the patch, it will be definetly in the next issue, sorry

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Bon anniversaire, Norbert :slightly_smiling_face: