News of the Rack #7 - Week 32/2019

Hello everyone in Rack Land,

After the delay of the last issue, for which I would like to apologize again, I am once again earlier this week. In the statistics, this compensates for everything again. I love statistics! :metal::sunglasses:

newsoftherack#7deutsch.pdf (538.8 KB) newsoftherack#7english.pdf (480.7 KB)


Well done ! Danke Norbert.

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awesome news this time around, but it left me with a question: what app are you using on your iPad to edit midi files? that sounds amazing.

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I create midi files using Arpeggionome and Fugue Machine for example, but it’s also interesting to create something with FL Studio Mobile or Garage Band. There are so many possibilities and I will discover them all :grin:

Thanks @the1andonlydrno, this is so handy.

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Danke schön Norbert!

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Thank you for this.

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thanks again for keeping us up to date!

and by the way, wiqid has no ‘u’ in the name.

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oppalach, my bad, that’s the german in me, that always puts a u after a q :blush: