New users - A reminder donate to devs if possible

Hello all,

With the release of VCVPro and VCVRack V2, there is a new wave of new users. As someone that uses VCV for the last 1.5, i wanted to remind newcomers and old users, that this platform’s success it a result of a committed community and especially developers. Many spend days and nights making this amazing software work, most of them did not get any money for it.

While some of the new users might be annoyed and confused about the responsibility regarding the plugins, they should know that most devs are still committed to figuring errors and crushes and doing it on their time and availability.

First - be kind and nice, nobody here is intentionally trying to do harm or be slow.

Second - When and if possible donate to your favourite developers, while most are not here to make money out of this, it is a great way for us to show support. I personally decided that at least once a month I am going to donate a few bucks to some of the developers that i use most in patches.

Third - When posting on this platform, please be polite and respectful, attacking or disrespecting others, is not only rude, it can also lead to devs abounding their plugins and modules.

Last - This post is not aimed at anyone, I am not pointing fingers, just an attempt to give more support inside the community, so we can continue to use this amazing tool.

All the best Shachaf


What’s the best way to do this?

If the developer has a donation link available, you will generally find it on both the plugin’s/module’s page on the VCV library website, and in the right-click menu of the modules themselves - usually under: Info > Donate (same place you find the manual etc).