New Shmambience

If any of you were around in the the 1990s when Global Communications was at their peak ambient period (as with their albums “A Collection of Short Stories” and “76:14”) that’s kind of the feel I was going for in this piece.

Two basic things going on here: two voices of XFX-Wave with loads of timbral modulation, and a network of AS DelayPlus Stereo modules tuned to different rhythmic divisions. The delays are also chained together via their send/return jacks, and the 3 delays are selected at random using Octal Routers, so the patch is constantly fading between them to get that “never the same river twice” feeling.

Sequencing is with Skylights Turing Machine and expanders.

Added to that is a white noise percussion sound, also fed into the delay network.

As always, loads of random modulation.