New sequencer idea -- markov chains?

Referencing this Twitter thread:

In the VCV world, you’d feed it input – i.e. jamming on a keyboard, and at a certain point flip a switch and it would use Markov chains to randomly generate output note sequences, that randomly selects a note, and generates a note after it based on the probability in the input that a particular note follows after it.

This is what’s behind ‘travesty’ generators do with text, but do it with notes or groups of notes.

There’s a lot of Markov chain code floating around, e.g.

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Interesting idea, but I think it would need to be a higher order Markov chain and I haven’t personally tried programming those yet.

Sorry but this already exists :

Or is this not what you want ?


Isn’t this what “Doctor Chainikov” does? Is that module still around? Oh, I see, that’s the link above. In any case it’s a fine Idea. I read about doing this in an 80’s issue of Computer Music Journal. Tried it out in the 90’s. It works pretty good. Order 1 sounds pretty random, Order 3 plays whole sections of the input music. Order 2 seemed pretty good to me.

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