New Order

Yes, they were in the select club of people who had a lot of Voeytra-8. As a result I got to hang out with them and talk synths for a long time :wink:


You lucky blighter, what can u divulge then?

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After the show I wandered around backstage in Madison Square Garden. Eventually I found this big room with four people in it. I said “are you new order”? They were, I introduced myself. Gillian said “oh, sorry, all we can offer you is this tub of beer”. I said that was fine. We talked a lot. At one point Bernard suggested that the Voyetra arpeggiators should have a way to clock the left and right independently, so the next day I updated the firmware and added that. They said “If you are ever in Manchester, come by the hacienda”, but I never made it over there.


huh, didn’t think it was that long ago, but the Internet says that was 1985.

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