New music -- Dephacing Aphex Twin

Patch + sample here

Original sample (here) is actually the MIDI file for Aphex Twin Avril 14th played backwards on a Yamaha Disklavier.

Thus continues my love with the Nysthi Confusing Simpler which does a good job of loading a large audio file and chopping it to bits. I also use a second Confusing Simpler to sample the output of the first and play back chunks of the sampled audio.

The track was constructed by running this patch while recording with the Nysthi multichannel recorder.

Then I split the broadcast wave file (with Wave Agent) into 4 stereo wav files, and imported them into Ableton Live, to do some edits and add additional effects.

By the way I think I used the lowest bass tone I’ve ever used. I can hear the third tone of the bassline in my Grado SR125s but it disappears on my little Mackie monitors.


broadcast wavefile?

Love ur take on the aphex track btw… RDJ inspired my modular journey :slight_smile:

Very nice. Like the House direction too.

The files made by the multigrain recorder are 4 or 8 channels. Standard wave files are mono or stereo.Broadcast wave is the multichannel extension to wave format.

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