New module is not showing up in Rack

Hi, folks. I’m working on my first module, and I’ve followed the tutorial. However, while running make install does drop the correct files into my plugins directory, my module does not show up in Rack, nor my brand in the list of brands.

I have already checked that the correct code is added in plugin.hpp and plugin.cpp. The code is available at

Many thanks for any help.

Actually, immediately upon posting this I realized I had overlooked something in the log:

[0.022 warn src/plugin.cpp:158] Could not load plugin /home/nora/.Rack/plugins-v1/Fives: Plugin version 0.1.0 does not match Rack ABI version 1

As a good Rust programmer I consider the first version to be 0.1.0, and I didn’t realize that this had to do with the supported version of Rack. All fixed.