new kid on the block IHTSYN !

Dear users
I sold for a great wazoo of money the code that was gippielletre
making a LOT of $
I love gippielletre making me rich !


Yay, thnx for doing this!

(aka: following the license agreement :wink: )

So call me stupid… but how are these different from last lot? Apart from the backwards name?

These are the modules that are derived from opensource software that requires them to be open as well.

Other than the backwards name exactly the same as before I recon.

Ok so anyone can alter the coding and come up with mad ideas? Sounds good to me, anyone got any good weird ideas yet?


I’d like to understand the issue a bit better here.

The MVerb licence made it so that all of Nysthi’s modules had to be open source with code distributed somewhere too because they were distributed in one file, with modules using some derivative of Mverb code ?

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Yes. And now let’s applaud Synthi for this fast and awesome revival of his modules and not let yet another thread be about licensing issues. Those are discussed at great length in a lot of other threads here lately.

Thanks @synthi


OK, got it, thank you.

No module got lost, we all can breath peacefully.

Congrats on the release indeed !

yeah,yeah,yeah …

Is this a whole new plugin? Does it have fallback enabled?

[It’s In]

I can’t speak for anyone else, but generally I think there shouldn’t be shame or tension in nerding out over licensing or learning new things about the subject. It is very much part of the territory/point of FOSS/free culture.

Like, I’m wondering about the provenance of the font file.


I agree. @mosphaere may be complaining about me - I bring up licensing a bunch here. But only because so many people are distributing modified builds seemingly at odds with GPLv3.

But, yeah, with open source stuff VCV has been good with leading by example, so most devs are putting a file at the root of their repo with at least links to all the pieces they have sub-licensed. Of course VCV themselves to this.

I think it’s something we should talk about. And if someone launches an entire new line of plugins to conform with a license, good for them!


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Nope, I was not complaining about you. I agree that licensing topics should be discussed and issues should be resolved. I just had a feeling that synthi just wanted to announce his old/new plugin in this thread and not start another discussion.

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