New in Entrian Sequencers: Step Recording

New in the latest version of Entrian Sequencers is Step Recording, which lets you record a sequence one note at a time, at your own pace.

To record a melody or a drum groove step-by-step:

  • Connect a MIDI-CV module to the recording inputs.
  • Enable Record and disable Run.
  • Now, when you hit a note on your keyboard / drum pads / whatever, that note will be added at the playhead position and the playhead will move forwards by the quantisation amount, ready for the next note.
  • To add a rest, ensure your mouse cursor is hovering over the module and press the spacebar.

You can use repeat markers to mark the section of the clip that you want to step-record into, and when you reach the end marker, the playhead will loop back to the start. That’s how to step-record a polyphonic melody sequence, or a drum groove with multiple instrument hits at the same playhead position (rather than trying to hit two keys at the same time!)

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the feature:

Big thanks to @PaulPiko for the suggestion!


cool one !, Have you think about my suggestion about free loop mode ? :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely on the list, but it’s a big list. :slight_smile:

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Love this update. For the non-piano-pros this is completely awesome.

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