New feature in latest Rack - Key to dump modules

A new feature was just merged that I find pretty useful for devs. While browsing your modules in the plugin browser, pressing ctrl-shift-alt-F2 will dump everything you have in the browser to the grid. Please be very careful with this as this can easily crash your session by loading hundreds of modules into the grid. This is especially useful for plugin devs to get all their plugin modules into the grid with one click by using the browser filter to choose their brand and then use the key combination to dump those out to the grid.


Yeah, I noticed that as well. Could possible also be used in an automated test-harness. It’s not quite clear to me whether it will dump all the modules in the current viewport of the browser, or everything that matches the current filter.

It dumps anything that the browser is selected to show, not just whatever is in the viewport. If you have no filters, all your modules will be dumped, and if you use a filter to limit the browser selection, all the modules that are selected to display will be dumped.