New dual V/Oct + Hz gadget

On the suggestion of AHornberg, I’m putting out a little module which offsets a V/Oct by a given frequency. The offset is the sum of a knob (in Hz) and a optional CV (1Hz/V), and this is scaled according to a switch (1x, 10x, 100x, 1000x). It’s 3hp, and there are two shifters on the panel. The use is for creating pairs of oscillators which beat (under mixing or ring mod) at a set frequency. E.g. I might want to have them beat once every two seconds, so I would set the control for a 1/2Hz difference between the pair. I’m not sure anyone will find this useful, but here goes:


I would like to try it, but I would need a win binary as I can´t compile them myself.

I don’t have a Windows box here. Also, I’m trying to get a quick and dirty illustration graphic of a patch showing the thing in practice.


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Compiled under Windows 10 Pro and working…working great…thx…