new build issue in linux

Setting up a new Linux VM, Yet another build problem. Posting this in case a) it helps anyone else, b) maybe I did something wrong.

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Followed the instructions in the VCV manual to build.

When I got to make dep it failed making RTAudio. Said I had cmake 3.5, but needed at least 3.10.

Since 3.5 is the version of cmake that goes with 16.04, I had to download and build cmake. It wouldn’t build, however, because it couldn’t find SSL. so sudo apt install openssl-dev.

Now everything is fine.


There is an issue open with rtadudio on this. But your workaround is useful, thank you.

In this case it helps just to change manually the cmake_minimum_required version back to 3.5 or 3.0 in the downloaded CMakeLists.txt.

Or just install and use a recent prebuilt linux version of CMake from, like for instance. (As far as I understand the post you built CMake from the sources :scream:)

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