New all-VCV album by Prof. Ping

(Unkied) #1

If you are in the VCV facebook group, you may recognize a few of these tracks based on livestreams I’ve done of generative patches.

Thanks for listening!

(Skrylar) #2

This is probably a dumb question, but when people speak of Rack-only tracks does this include the mixing and mastering?

Have looked in awe at some of the tracks that are fully programmed in chained sequencers and the like, although I wonder how many people actually do that vs. end up programming parts of the song and patching them back together in another DAW.

(Unkied) #3

In this case, mixed and recorded within VCV. I did some ‘mastering’ of the output file with Live.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

I’ve mostly been doing one-take, more simple stuff so far, so it’s all been done in Rack and nothing outside. No post/external mixing, mastering, effects, anything… and no DAW’s involved. As Andrew says: Rack is the DAW (or will become it) :slight_smile:

However, if I get the skill and inclination to move to more involved and advanced stuff, with multitudes of voices coming in and out, I will probably need to start doing some multi-tracking, and stitch things together in e.g. Audacity. But then, I’ve never been into DAW’s so for me that’s “natural”. For people coming from the “DAW world” things probably look different.