Need help getting Bogaudio modules (Mac arm64) due to network problems

In mainland China, it is quite frequently the case that VCV Rack cannot connect to the library server to download modules or updates. Open VCV → enter UID / password → “Querying for updates”… “Querying for updates”… “Querying for updates”… “Querying for updates”… “Querying for updates”… never comes back.

I have a student sitting here who is unable to install Bogaudio modules for this reason.

I checked Releases · bogaudio/BogaudioModules · GitHub and I see a mac-x64 build but no mac-arm64 build.

So how can I obtain the modules for this student?

Thanks. hjh

if you already have them (there are arm64 versions in the library) then just copy the /plugins-mac-arm64/Bogaudio folder to the student’s same folder (plugins-mac-arm64) and restart his Rack.

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I don’t because I’m not on Mac. I can ask in the class chat group if another student has downloaded them successfully.

But it’s also not clear to me – does a mac-x64.vcvplugin file contain both x64 and arm? It would be obvious if I were using an M1 Mac, but I’m not, I’m not sure where this is documented (if at all).


no, the plugins for arm64 and x64 are different so can’t run the x64 one on arm64 Rack or the arm64 one on the x64 Rack

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