Need help; Bidoo Encore what is Fill mode?

Hello, i try to explore and use Encore. Wonderful module! But without a manual it is hard to understand the different modes/buttons and so on. Right now i try to understand the fill button/mode. Can anybody give me an explanation, what this is all about? Thanks Karl

page 38-39

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much! It helps to get a bit deeper.

In the manual its written, that a fill lasts for a pattern. Does it mean sequence, or phrase, or a beat???

As far as i understand, Bidoo Encore has no patterns?

the black selector knob low left corner selects the pattern shown top (in this case pattern 4 and it has 16 steps).

Aha, wonderful. I will check it out and come back here. Thank you very much. Karl

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Hello, sorry but this video is only an overview. Not detailed enough for me.

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You can watch any of the several videos about Zou Mai, they are the same except for the clock input requirements.

Some people (like me) like manuals. I would never use something that didn’t have a manual.

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