Need an "Arm Ready" choice in library

We really need to get this added to the library so we can see which ones are arm ready


Maybe a dumb q, but is there a reason the library can’t build then, and also remove the ones that are no good?

for the open source plugs where the library team has the source, cschol and team have been doing exactly that, following up with maintainers, getting patches staged, versions increased, etc…

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nice! so all the availability issues (and this community is full of them!) are with closed source plugins?

I don’t know if every maintainer has responded and done the fixes to every plugin. but i know the library team has undertaken the effort (and a few of us helped them with various gotchas along the way too)

the big open source collections are definitely up. you know, bog, valley, surge, count modula that sort of stuff.


I don’t have a M1 but I don’t think BOG is ready yet (it’s 7 months old.)

I’ve been running it since the ARM port came out - when you had to self build - and I just checked and it downloaded fine from the library.

 more ~/Documents/Rack2/plugins-mac-arm64/Bogaudio/plugin.json | grep version
  "version": "2.3.43",
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So bravo to cschol and team for indeed updating behind the scenes.


From the flip side as a developer, thanks to the cross-platform build process, I can see that my plugin builds for ARM, but I don’t own the hardware to test that build. Multiply this by however many other plugin developers are in the same situation.

I suspect in the majority of cases where there is a problem, it manifests as a compile error and cschol et al will find it soon enough. Then there will be the minority of cases where the build seems fine but crashes. Finally there may be cases where there is no crash but something just isn’t quite right in a platform-specific way (this last category might never happen, who knows).

For the issues with crashes and other runtime problems, I suppose all we can do is put out a public service announcement: please report issues to the plugin developers.

The best way to do this is go to the VCV Rack Library, find the plugin that is causing problems. Then you can either send an email to the plugin author, or click on the “Source code” link and report an issue on GitHub or wherever the source is hosted.

Either way, go into your user folder and attach the log.txt right after your crash/problem has happened, and include it in your email/issue.

We developers want our plugins to work across all platforms, but sometimes we are flying blind on your preferred platform. We could use your help!


I’ve had Linux only bugs. But of course anyone can run Linux for free. I run it under the free VMware player, but WSL is probably easier and better. So, yes, I did once fix a Linux only bug that way.