need a safe mode to open vcv rack 2 -audio device crashes

HI I made an improper selection from the dropdown in the Audio module and it crashes v2. Any attempt to reopen it wants to clear my entire patch or force close again. maybe instead of doing that and having to set evertyhing up again, can VCV rack just remove the audio module from the patch? As an added bonus perhaps maybe remove the offending option from the drop down list in the future? (This could be reenabled through a menu option or something) I have no idea why those options are crashing vcv rack. It is Wasapi Stereo pc mix.

Im thinking placing the offending module into bypass mode rather than crashing vcv rack entirely would be a better option. I just experienced the same thing trying to load a wavetable file into the vcv rack wavetable module. It didnt like it and crashes vcv.

delete autosave content and then start Rack 2

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As a workaround, you could also edit, (in a text editor), the patch.json file in the autosave folder and remove or edit the module you believe could be faulty.

Doing this is at your own risk of course, you could lose the patch in the autosave so I would suggest first, back it up, then experiment.