Need a powerful amp - a missing module?


After some serious filtering, from time to time I need some serious amplification to recover some amplitude. I was surprised not to find a very powerful amplifier, something with several decades of dBs. The most powerful I could find is the VCAmp from Bogaudio, which provides +12dB, so I use several of them in series.

I know there are other solutions (multiply a signal and a knob’s CV in Sonus Dept’s Paramath module, but it’s not really intuitive, or use the Formula from Frank Buss but it doesn’t go beyond -5V/+5V).

A simple, big slider, with a log scale labelled in dBs going from, 0dB to, say, +60dB would be very cool. Does it exist yet or is there anyone willing to develop such a beastie?

As far as I know, I haven’t seen such module but you can easily make serious amplification with nysthi’s ConstAddMult: feed your signal in A, set B on the LED display (up to 100) and get amplified output AxB

Hope this is what you’re looking for.


just disable clamp switch

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I would try ZOD from Autinn followed by LMTR from Bogaudio

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Bark Clamp +24.082dB, +48.164dB gain when attenuverter is set to x2 the signal is hard clipped at 0dB

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Are you trying to blow up the world?! That’s louder than Trump!

Not really, it gets clamped / hard clipped at 0dB. The signal will never really go over 0dB, a signal which has low volume i.e. -96dB would be increased to -48dB.


You could need it after a VCF in lowpass mode with a very, very low cutoff frequency - quite useful to have random, slow and continuous signal from white noise.

Then… Vult Caudal… Or walk (bogaudio)… Not the same randomness formula, but smooth, slow, delightful random sources anyway. :wink:

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Edit: I forgot Nysthi’s ConstAddMult, which does the job without any additional module, so this is the real winner! (attached comparison patch edited as well).

A lot of gain - 5 solutions.vcv (14.1 KB)

…there’s also another kind with Squinky Labs LFN…

Yep… Wikid stuff also and Nysthi’s source of uncertainty… Probably many others… Even Marbles.


The versatile and powerful (if slightly hard to use) Submarine Arithmetic Operators series deserves a mention too.