Need a module that easily lets us recolor panels in vcv rack

HI I tried several online vector editing on vcv rack modules to recolor them and so far each one has its limitations and is difficult to select the proper element. One program could even resave the image to the original dimensions so the knobs were out of place. If someone developed a panel editor, it would help us customize modules for personal use. Not sure how developers will feel with recolored their work…thats why I said for personal use.

Good question…

And it point me to the fact that the GIMP can open SVG

Errata…no export

Have you try Inkscape,Krita?

I use inkscape and it works great for me

if you right click on the module while in VCV and go to info → open folder location (I think) you then can open the svg from the res folder in inkscape by double clicking or right clicking the svg and select the program to open in. after you make the changes and save and restart VCV you’ll see the changes


powerfull SVG open source app

one quick question. is there an easy way to keep the original safe? Also I have noticed in the past when the developers update their modules it erases my color edits. I wish there was a way VCVs ecosystem would incorporate variations for all modules somehow. Saving them as presets or something instead of part of the res folder.

Keep the originals safe in a duplicated folder

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