Nebulae style freeze?

Does a granular freeze style function exist similar to the nebulae V2 freeze function?

Don’t know the nebulae V2 but , this is granular and has a freeze button :

Oh jeez, I know that one, didn’t realize it had freeze!!

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Here’s another one/same one it has a hold :

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Not granular (it’s FFT Based), but has a Freeze function and several other spectral operators


Plaits has freeze button as well but that’s not granular either.

Check out Sifter, a premium module from Path Set. It’s part of a great collection of granular modules.

Omri just posted a video about this one. PathSet Sifter Granular Mixer - Overview and Tutorial - YouTube

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Yeah, even better: the cheesegrater, from the same collection. It features an expander, and together with the expander it can emulate the whole functionality of the Nebulae 2 - i think, don’t own the nebulae, just from looking at it. It has a pause button and input on the expander.