nanV issue

Unregularly I see nanV outputs from modules. I don’t see what’s going on. Usually the issue disappears after restarting VCV Rack.

Has any of you seen similar cases? What can it be the reason?

… and more Hora:

The Hora plug-ins (drums) give me NANs every now and then sometimes loading a project with one Hora plug-in in it starts with a NAN output. The Groovebox has not yet given me NANs.

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I would also love to know. Restarting Rack does not help me though. Could it somehow be linked to frame rate? because I use a very low frame rate, other than that everything’s standard.

Usually it’s a bug in the individual module that makes it output a NaN.


deebugger, step through that code and see what causes the output to get corrupted in some way.

Hora Hi Hat does this on my system too. Occurred mostly when I first add the module and patch the output to a mixer. Confuses me cause I always think I patched something wrong for a sec.


Hora Hi Hat does this on my system too.


Groove Box V2.19 solved the problem of nanV for me. But yes Hora hihat does give problems sometimes. Mostly when I close a patch and open it again. But the I just delete the module and insert it again. Have to set it up again though.