Mystery of clicking in AS Delay Plus with delay time modulation

Long ago I noticed that you could modulate the delay time for the AS Delay Plus for an interesting effect.

This example patch uses VCV Router 4:1 and Nysthi Jooper as a router to switch between voltages defining delay times.

The delay modulated by the VCV Router has clicks in it, but the one modulated by Jooper does not. I can’t see a difference between the signals, down to the resolution of VCV Scope at full zoom.

When I look at the waveform of the output of Jooper & VCV Router, I can’t see any difference. The Yellow Trace is VCV Router & the violet trace is Jooper. But I can hear a difference.

2021-12-04.vcv (6.3 KB)

mistery! for sure in jooper, internally, transitions are HARD

(not like in my mix4 8 16 where the mute/unmute is smoothing)

That isn’t a bad thing. Delay Plus doesn’t handle smooth delay time changes. A really sharp transition sounds better.

The mystery is that I know I’ve used a VCV Router 4:1 before and don’t remember the Delay Plus crackling when the time changed. I don’t know if it’s different in V2.

I don’t use it a lot but i’m sure AS Delays have always crackled for me. Maybe i was just using Signal Delay though,

The only difference I can see in the signal delay is that it has no feedback. There’s no attempt to smooth or interpolate when the delay time changes. Why that works when there’s a sharp delay time transition vs a smooth transition I have no idea.

Seems like an odd module. Of course most people want interpolation and such so you can modulate the delay. But if you have found a musical use for the “bad” artifacts that’s cool.

Unfiltered Audio Instant Delay is a great one for changing delay time without changing pitch. It’s a granular delay, so it can change delay time and it just keeps plowing through its buffer, just at a different rate.

The AS Delay Plus is fun because it seems to pitch up and down when you change delay times. This can be musical: doubling or halving the delay time makes an octave jump, with other intervals that work with common delay times (1/4 note, dotted 8th, triplet, etc)