Mysterious Wigglers videos

I should use SQ1s more often in the patches as they are great little sequencers with a lot of cool features. Here I go a little off the rails and make a novelty track. I figured if it made me laugh thinking of people seriously trying to do some southbank style toff dance performance to it…

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sounds a bit like forbidden planet

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Need to figure out this new fangled poly patching biz. :smiley:

It’s easier that it looks. Just remember that you can use poly for cv as well.

I wanted to get back to the musique concrete. I am a bit rusty with the entry, exit points.

Still a combination of too much strong coffee, a collection of samples and not enough self restraint caused this - That said its conforming to a sequence where all of the parameters are controled in turn by sequences.

It always suprises me how a simple seqeuence of sounds can triger such strong memories, even when played out of context, and distorted.

To what degree you can change the sound before it looses its orignal meaning?


I could not leave things well alone, this was V1 0025 my plan with these is to work on the process and not worry so much about the end result being perfect. My thinking being if I can just get my work rate up then within 6 months I could have hours of material ready for editing. Rather than spend 6 months trying to make 10mins “perfect” with worse results :smiley: My plan being to fail enough times to git gud.

V1 0029

The belief in yourself is the problem… Just be.

I wanted to explore music that would trigger a mental break in the listener to remove the ego. Kind of like a 70s Est training seminar but condensed into 3 mins in audio form. Other applications include CIA/FSB black site holding cells on a 24 hour loop. I think with like a random break into another pattern and some vocal inserts it will work better. To get the best effect sit in a stress position with a bag over your head next to the speaker with the volume on high.

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