My rpm 2019 entry album

(Ryan Gilmore) #1

Made this last month for the rpm challenge. The whole album is awash in Portland Weather (by Frozen Wasteland). I’m not blaming my constant usage of Portland Weather for the thermal paste cooking off my chip, but I might have set some core temp high scores. Totally worth it. Pro tip: don’t try to use more than two in a patch.

I made something like 40 vcvrack patches and recorded everything into layers of sound. Lots of post editing on some of it, less in other places. Used vcvrack as an audio processor quite a bit with live/max. I have vcvrack talking to live through osc, and max throwing midi and audio in all directions. There is some machinedrum and korg radias in there too.

I will try to clean up some of the patches and upload them. I’m not very good about saving patches while I work (I try to keep patches to a one off usage), but I did keep quite a few of them.

(Wouter Spekkink) #2

Track 2 is awesome! Great sense of space and a nice dark atmosphere. (Haven’t listened to most of the album yet).

(Joopvanderlinden) #3

This is great