my plugin is in user folder but VCV desn't see it

am new in developing, i have follow this youtube video and all works until make install command. after that the plgin was built on rack2 folder, but when i open the plugin list on VCVRack2 i don’t see it in the list . where am i wrong ?

many thanks to all.

Did you check your rack log file? Search for your module name and you will find a hint. See if you can solve it drom there , or share the message with us.

sorry am a bit dumb, are you talking about this directory ? C:\Users\me\Documents\Rack2\plugins

in this case yes, the plugin is here.

Is the plugin you built versioned so that it works with Rack 2? (Instead of Rack 1.x)

No, you need the log.txt file in C:\Users\me\Documents\Rack2
In that log file, look for your module name.

in the log file i see that lines


[0.861 warn src/plugin.cpp:194 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin 
Manifest contains module MyModule but it is not defined in plugin

Here you go :slight_smile: There is a mismatch in how you named your module in the plugin.json and how you called it in your code. Check this forum, search on manifest contains and you will find the answer.

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In partucular, make sure the declaration in code:

Model *modelBootyModule = createModel<BootyModule, BootyWidget>("squinkylabs-freqshifter");

matches the name (slug) in the plugin.json:

			"slug": "squinkylabs-freqshifter",
			"name": "Booty Shifter",
			"description": "Frequency Shifter",
			"manualUrl": "",
			"tags": ["Ring Modulator", "effect"]

probably i have understand the problem, i have use a wrong version of Rack SDK (Rack-SDK 2 git…) and not the last stable version of Rack-SDK in the VCV Rack download page