My new VCV Rack EP "Abstract Physics" is out!

You can lister t here - Visual Teaser - Teaser of my NEW EP "ABSTRACT PHYSICS" - OUT NOW! - YouTube

Fully made in VCV Rack (including arranging and mixing). Mastered by Artem Leonov. Artwork by Famsoma

Dedicated to the Sound - as the form of physics. Dedicated to the Electronic Music - as the form of abstract art.


Excellent, Artem, it’s a really great job :alien: :vulcan_salute:

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thank you for the kind words! :wink:

I’ve listened to all of it, and it was quite nice. Stellar job mate. :smile: :+1:

Purchased. BTW I do digintal mastering, if you want someone else to have a go at finishing your tracks.

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Thanks! And thanks for your offering! We’ll see when I come up with something in the next time :wink:

Very good job mate. When we will see you live? :slight_smile:

Thanks! Do you mean livestream with these tracks? My Cpu is gonna fire if so!)