My new hardware modular 😎

That’s it… !


This is just the sequencer, I guess? :upside_down_face:

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no pomona cables, no modular… :slight_smile:

I ran an ISP throughout the 90’s… I stiff have PTSD when I see things like that :slight_smile:


You made my day :laughing: At the beginning of my IT career in the 1970s the wiring in the cabinets of the really big computers looked similar, but mostly worse.

…I remember seeing black and white pictures of beautiful girls, smiling into the camera, one hand on the cables of the huge modular in front of them, the other one on their ear, holding a headphone, listening to the beautiful sounds they created…

Suzanne Ciani ? She indeed was super pretty :smiley:, and still is for her age !

I learned a lot there :smiley:

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Wow thanks for the link !