My new favorite trick: Strip V2 + Probably Note

2021-07-03.vcv (453.3 KB)

The Stoermelder 8Face V2 captures and saves module settings for later recall, under manual or external trigger control.

The V2 added something really valuable: you can select more than one module for preset capture. So I began by including the sequencer, Probably Note, and the clock dividers feeding the sequencer. So pretty much everything can change when you trigger a preset in the 8Face.

I frequently use more than one Probably Note for different voices, because it’s easier than using merges and splits to piggyback a second voice into the polyphonic quantizer, there are polyphony limitations, etc. So I use the 8Face that snapshots one Quantizer to also control the second voice’s quantizer.

So I set up the presets properly: use Ctrl-C Ctrl V to copy & past the quantizer snapshot, then save in a preset slot. So every preset switch changes both quantizers in sync!

And the sequences on the second voice can be controlled by a second 8Face V2, allowing (for example) VCO, VCA, and Envelope settings – the same patterns can be re-used in more than oen key, and both voices will add up harmonically.